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Irrigation Repairs

At Sunshower Sprinklers we want your irrigation system to work properly. We service all makes: Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, K-Rain, etc. Repairs will be taken care of promptly and conveniently. We design our systems so that on a typical repair no one needs to be home. With a call or email to the office describing your symptoms we will schedule a time, send out an experienced service technician, with all the parts required with all the information about your system.

Sunshower Sprinklers uses a iPad/laptop based scheduling and billing computer system. When a customer phones in with a problem we will have over 40 pieces of information on each customer and their irrigation system. How many, location and what type of valves, sprinklers, valve boxes, timers, sensors, water supply and shut off etc. This allows our office manager and each service technician to know all about your system and to be prepared when they arrive at your property. The odds are you don't even have to be present for us to fix your problem.

Pulling up to your property with a fully stocked enclosed trailer specifically designed and equipped for servicing all makes of irrigation systems. Whether you a have a Rainbird, Hunter, Toro, K Rain, or another make we will have the part to fix your problem on site. It is our goal to have every and any part required to fix your problem during that first trip, with the information on their PDAs the technician already knows what parts they are going to need before they arrive to you property!

Our service technicians have a minimum of 5 years of irrigation experience. They will have your name and an in depth knowledge of your system and the symptoms of your problem before they arrive at you house. They are the key to any repair or service. With this knowledge they will already know what repair is required before they arrive at you property!

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Our technicians are formally trained in irrigation design, using
only the best parts, equipment, and technology to service our customers.

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