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Frequenty Asked Questions

What type of irrigation parts do you use?

Sunshower Sprinklers uses what we believe to be the best irrigation parts available. We install Rainbird, Hunter, and K Rain irrigation products. Every company has different levels in their product line. We choose only the best so we can install a system that we will be proud we installed and maintain for decades to come.

How to adjust timers and sprinklers? :: Manuals

The following is a partial list of the main irrigation parts we use, with links to there informative web pages which include parts manuals.

Do you have any warranty on irrigation parts and labour?

Yes, Sunshower Sprinklers will provide a 5 year warranty on Parts and a 2 year labour warranty, the best warranty in Manitoba. A free blow-out will be provided to shut the irrigation system down in the fall.

Why is it important to have a irrigation system?

A Sunshower Sprinklers installed irrigation system is the one of the best investments you can make for your home. Just ask any one of our customers who has one! There is no easier way to beautify your home, increase its value and save on time and money. A Sunshower Sprinklers irrigation system will water your lawn and plant material automatically during the early morning hours. When you are sleeping, the sprinklers will pop up and water your lawn and plant material for different amounts of time.

When the landscape is watered during the early morning hours there will be minimal wind and solar radiation, thus we will experience very little water loss due to evaporation. With a standard rain/ soil / solar radiation sensor the landscape will only be watered when it needs it with just the right amount of water for a greener grass and healthier plants. So with a Sunshower Sprinkler installed automatic irrigation system you will have a lush and beautiful landscape as well as:

  • Freedom from hand watering so you can have more leisure time
  • Efficient use of water
  • Healthier grass and plant growth
  • Lower water bills

Sunshower Sprinklers

Our technicians are formally trained in irrigation design, using
only the best parts, equipment, and technology to service our customers.

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